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Saffron Chase manages perceptions. We believe that your reputation depends on how you’re perceived – be it by the public, politicians or the media. More than ever before, it is crucial that this is managed carefully.

We firmly believe that successful businesses must see every new day as a brand new world waiting to perceive how you measure up. Perceptions change by the minute and news spreads fast.

People are making connections faster than ever before – 24/7 media, ease of travel and the internet means that your business is more exposed than ever. There is no hiding place. And yet there are more possibilities. For some this is a threat and for others it is an opportunity.

At Saffron Chase we will ensure your business stays one step ahead of the curve so it is always perceived in the right way - making the fast changing business environment a great opportunity.

ELSAG North America Law Enforcement Systems, a Finmeccanica company

aftershockELSAG North America is aiding US law enforcement with public safety solutions based on highly intelligent, Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. Applications include highway and traffic safety, criminal intelligence gathering, homeland security, auto recovery, AMBER Alerts, and school bus safety, and many more.

Saffron Chase was selected to launch their products in the UK law enforcement market.

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Saffron Chase selected to provide strategic PR & public affairs consultancy to GEMS, the world’s largest private school operator

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